Does not work well on windows 11

Miles Peterson

I had my old PC, but I got a new one and instead of windows 10 its newer and my new PC is now windows 11. I start up Animotica Video Editor, but when I upload my videos from my computer, things start to get weird. I try to make a video. But all the sudden when I add certain overlays or videos to my project, Animotica just stops responding. all buttons and things in the app just freeze up and are not responsive at all. and my computer does not freeze up, only the app freezes up. It would not let me close the window, so I had to go to task manager to force stop it. this is very weird. Looks like Animotica is just not compatible with windows 11. is there a way you could fix it someday? Thank you for reading this, and hope it solves my problem. thank you! 👌


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Keith Huddy

I had a similar problem I seemed to have cured it by running videos through the video converter in video preparations before editing.


Mark from Animotica Team

Hi Miles,

Thank you for contacting us! Please accept our genuine apologies for such a delayed answer. Our team is from Ukraine. Our city is now under Russian invasion, so there was a long delay in replies. We recommend going to the application settings, specifically the performance section, set the settings as shown in the example below. Also, please see if turning on the proxies helps resolve this problem.

Contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Animotica Team