Animotica keeps freezing

Mikki Wright

For the past week, Animotica has froze completely withint 30-60 seconds of opening up a project. I've tried various different clips, or even just watching a clip without clicking anything to edit, but each time over the past week that I've tried to use Animotica this has happened. I've edited many videos previously and not encountered similar issues and I've also upgraded to unlock all features but now cannot use any.


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Bits and Pips

I really love this program but I started having this issue. It would freeze soon after loading a file. I have uninstalled/re-installed it multiple times but it did not help.


Stacey S

did anyone ever get a solution to the freezing problem? I have a paid version and I cannot use the app now


Lar Bowler

I've only started using Animotica, all updated version, and paid for the full version of it also, as well as using the latest update of Windows 10, within a few mins of starting a project, the whole thing freezes and I have to go to Task Manager to End Task.

This is not good for me as I have numerous long form podcasts coming up I need to edit and this is not helping.

My friend, who suggested Animotica to me and has been using it for quite some time, is now having the same issues. I can see this from thread that we are not alone

Please advise

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Justin Dundas-Smith

Same boat. Used to work well, and suddenly freezing after about 30 seconds of using it. Just trying to trim a video etc.


Denni Jo Krause

Same issue. Been using Animotica for quite awhile now. This is something new that just started to happen.


Maridith Smith

I'm currently having the same issue with is freezing and crashing after 3-5 minutes of editing since I upgraded to my new laptop which ironically is more powerful


Aarav K



michel garnier

when i cut a video and place the scissor it's freeze


Claire Thiebaud

Same here!!!!


Claire Thiebaud




Same here :( And no help yet


Rosendo Alvarez de la cruz

no logro que funcione bien ya, se atora siempre para visualizar los videos y eso no me deja editar


Mark B.


Thank you for contacting us! We are genuinely sorry for such a delayed answer. Please, be sure that you are running the latest versions of Windows and Animotica (ver. Would you please look at an article on finding out what version of Windows 10 you are currently running (support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/which-version-of-windows-operating-system-am-i-running-628bec99-476a-2c13-5296-9dd081cdd808)?

Furthermore, we suggest going to the setting of Animotica on your device and checking if all of the permissions are turned on. Also, please check where the folder with your projects is located. The projects are supposed to be found in the following folder on your computer - C: Users {PC Name] Documents Animotica Projects (You would have to insert the actual PC name instead of the {PC Name} string).
Also, we suggest going to the Animotica settings on your device and resetting the application settings.

Contact us if you need any further assistance.

Best regards,
Animotica Team


Aarav K

it is not working man.. i cant upload yt videos because of this!!!!
pls fix it soon i need to edit a video!


Derrick Ramer

All those things check out for me and still have freezing issues 30-60 seconds in, just like the original poster.


Gil Zilberstein

Hello Mark B.
NO ! ! ! !
Nothing works ! ! !
I loaded Animotica TWICE on my laptop running its original
Windows 10.
Then, in desperation, I installed Windows 11, AND reloaded Animotica TWICE AGAIN ! ! !
Same problem ! ! ! Same as everyone else, and I was one
of the most recent people to see this problem, even
though I use (used to use) Animotica regularly ! !
This ball is firmly in the court of the Animotica Development Team ! ! !

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I would love to get some tech support on this issue as am experiencing exactly the same issue. I'm a new user of the program since a few weeks and the program is almost unusable as it will just lock up and freeze every few minutes. I have to save after every single edit or two or risk losing work. I've tried the things suggested here and it seems many people are experiencing similar issues from the comments on this thread. Is there any resolution to this problem? Thank you.


Jane Gladitsch

is there an update on this?