Audio and video out of sync


I can't get my audio and video to sync. I've tried to troubleshoot but I haven't made any success yet.


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Angel Lilly

Just want to bring up i'm having the same issue 2 years later.
Audio goes out of sync with video
A. when using trim rather than split
B. When clicking somewhere on the timeline to edit a section rather than letting it play from the very beginning all the way through to the section.

Preparing videos does not work
Changing Encoder does not work
Neither fix the problem I've played around with all the settings and changing any of them does not fix the problem.

Its one im only recently having the past half a year and as someone who payed for pro because I do music video edits and am a youtuber this is more than minorly inconvenient it makes the program next to impossible to use if things wont sync right.



I've been using this program forever (BIG SUPPORTER!!!) and I never had this happen. Now, all the sudden I am trying to do some important video series and this will NOY SYNC. Absolutely infuriating. P.S I never used the prepare video option before (can you imagine the space I would need for DOUBLE VIDEOS OMG!). But, I did it because admin asked. And guess what? It didn't work. Sometimes I wish companies like this would just say: We're sorry, it's our fault! We are trying to fix it!

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Patricia B. R.

tengo problemas con mi animotica


Mark from Animotica Team


Thank you for contacting Animotica Support Center! We suggest using the Prepare Videos For Animotica tool before adding the videos to your project. It helps to convert the video files to compatible formats with Animotica. Would you please look at an article on preparing videos for Animotica (support.mixilab.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039607991-How-To-Prepare-Videos-For-Animotica)?

Kind regards,
Animotica Team



This seems to have solved my issue! Thanks!!