Videos won't save

Lauren Kersey

Hello! When I try to save/export a video, I get the following message: unspecified error (exception from HRESULT 0x80004005).


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Alex G.

Hi! Please accept our apologies! We suggest you execute a few steps:
1) Be sure that you have free space on the storage folder
2) Be sure that all files which you use in your project located on the hard drive of your PC
3)Check that the Animotica app have an access to your file system, go to 'Start'->'Settings'->'File system privacy settings' and turn on the switcher for the Animotica;
4) Try to cancel the work of other apps while rendering to take more resources for Animotica
5) Finally, try to export your video with the different Encode Mode (look at the advanced settings of export)
Don't hesitate, write us if you need additional help!