Slow, glitchy and crashing

Jonny Gill

Whole program painfully slow and sluggish causing it to glitch, freeze and even force close. This problem gets worse the longer you use animotica. When editing, background music syncs in a different place every time you review and glitchy video playback during the review further causes a loss of sync which (along with the complete lack of an audio spectrum track below the video track (why animotica, why??)) makes it near impossible to edit a video to music. In contrast, cyberlink powerdirector 365 (an advanced video editor) runs smooth as butter without skipping a beat using the exact same media and carrying out the exact same actions/editing....? operating on a Surface pro6 i5 8GB, no programmes open in the background, media is 4k res mp4.


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Marjorie Lord

Mine has become very jumpy with transitions. I tried resetting the app and that has helped. I think I might try a new reinstall. I have also found if I export the file rather then do a Save As the transitions were smoother. But still a problem.