Export to 48fps and 2.7K?

Martyn Hughes

My source video clip comprises of 2.7K GoPro footage shot at 48fps. Once I've edited the footage, I'd like to export it with those same settings. However, even though I'm on the paid Full version of Animotica, the only export options available that are close to this are 1080 HD or 4K at 50fps. Obviously this is not what I want. Please can you advise on how to get the export settings desired? Thank you.


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Mark from Animotica Team

Hi Martyn,

Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, the features to set custom resolution and FPS settings are not available in Animotica yet. However, we will add it to our to-do list for future updates! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Kind regards,
Animotica Team