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Daijah Guns

I am trying to open the app to edit a video by tonight but when I click on the app, it loads for a second thenshuts off. Please help!!


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Mark B.


Thank you for contacting us! Please follow the following instructions to eliminate the issue:
1) Please be sure that you are running the latest versions of Windows 10 (ver. 2004) and Animotica (ver. Please look at an article on finding out what version of Windows 10 you are currently running (support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/which-version-of-windows-operating-system-am-i-running-628bec99-476a-2c13-5296-9dd081cdd808).
2) Reset the Store Cache:
1. Select “Start”;
2. Search “wsreset“;
3. Run the “wsreset” command;
4. The Store app should now automatically launch along with the
Command Prompt. The Command Prompt window will
automatically disappear after a couple of seconds.
3) Please ensure that the date, time, and region are set correctly on your device.
4) Run the Windows Troubleshoot:
1. Type "Troubleshoot" in the search field
2. Select Additional troubleshooter
3. Select Windows Store apps at the end of the list and run the
5) Run the SFC scannow function:
1. Press the Windows key + X to open the main menu.
2. Click Command Prompt (Admin) to open the Command Prompt
as an administrator.
3. When Command Prompt opens, enter sfc /scannow and press
4. The repair process will now start. Don't close Command Prompt or
interrupt the repair process.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance - support@animotica.com.

Kind regards,
Animotica Team