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When I export a video from the app to my laptop's files, I go and click either the "x" at the bottom on the back arrow to try and start a new project. Sometimes it brings me back to the home page. But 90% of the time the app will just crash on me when trying to.


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Mark B.

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Mark B.


Thank you for contacting Animotica Support Center! We are truly sorry for such a delayed answer. Please, be sure that you are running the latest versions of Windows 10 (ver. 2004) and Animotica (ver. Please look at an article on finding out what version of Windows 10 you are currently running (support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/which-version-of-windows-operating-system-am-i-running-628bec99-476a-2c13-5296-9dd081cdd808).

Furthermore, we suggest going to the setting of Animotica on your personal device and check if all of the permissions are turned on. Also, please check where the folder with your projects is located. The projects are supposed to be located in the next folder on your computer - C: Users {PC Name] Documents Animotica Projects (You would have to insert the actual PC name instead of the {PC Name} string).
Also, we suggest going to the Animotica settings on your device and resetting the application settings.

If resetting does not help, follow the next instructions:
1) Uninstall the application;
2) Go to the next folder on your personal device: C: Users USER AppData Local Packages 24711Mixilab.Animotica_c39s816dkej80Settings (You would have to insert the actual PC name instead of the {USER} string). Please delete all of the files in this folder;
3) Reboot your device;
4) Install Animotica back.

Contact us if you need any further assistance.

Best regards,
Animotica Team